Beanstalk Music & Arts Festival

Beanstalk Music & Arts Festival

Beanstalk Music & Arts Festival

Beanstalk Festival | Music, Camping, Art, Mountains and More, June 22-25 2017

2016 Festival Info


Whats Going On?

3 days of music and camping in the Rockies. State Bridge Amphitheater is located in the Vail Valley on the banks of the Colorado River. The venue is intimate and secluded to the point where cell-phones do not work. Just take in the wonderful scenery, raft down the CO, hike to hot springs, and get ready for a big day night of music. Beanstalk is kinda like a vacation with available activities for the outdoors, water, and yoga classes for cleansing during the day as well. The area is known by natives to envelop and ignite you. Many ancient Indian sites are located in this region and you can sense it. When the music gets rolling and the train comes shooting behind the stage you'll feel it and know that every else feels it to.




Camping is located at Rancho Del Rio, which is 2 miles up the road and features activities like rafting, tubing, swimming, stand-up paddle boarding and hiking trails. It is $5 a day per person to camp there. Shuttles will be running from here or you can tube the 2 hour journey down the Colorado River to State Bridge (seriously its fun). There will be be food vendors to feed you.

Limited RV Camping is now available at Rancho. Purchase a pass from the ticket link and secure your spot.





Location & Directions

State Bridge Amphitheater,
127 Trough Road Bond, CO 80423
(970) 653-0113

From Front Range:

West on I-70 just past Vail. Take Exit 157 onto CO-131 N for Wolcott. Follow that 14 miles until you go over the bridge and there you'll be, can't miss it. Click the map for an overhead view. 2 hours from Denver/Boulder.



What about food?

There will a variety of food vendors inside the venue to fit all different diets. Closest town is 25 minutes away though so if you're camping we recommend bringing food to cook.

Can I smoke in the venue?

No. No smoking in the concert bowl. There will be a smoking area right out side for yous guys, over here.

What can I bring in the venue?

You can bring a water bottle, backpack, essential items, tissues, warm clothes for nighttime, money, good attitude, hula hoops.

What can I NOT bring in the venue?

Alcohol, outside beverages/food, fireworks, petty grudges, weapons, fire spinning stuff, PETS, regrets etc.

What is weather like?

The Vail Valley is quite sunny and warm during the day. 70 degree T-shirt and short weather. Once the sun goes down the weather drops to 40 degrees and jackets and pants will be necessary, hats and gloves highly encouraged.

What should I pack?

COME WITH LOTS OF WATER. Bring clothes suitable for warm summer weather and cold night time mountain weather. Make sure to have a jacket, sweater, hat, swimsuit, shorts, sunblock, goofy sunglasses, cape, etc. Extra blankets and sleeping bags for then tent in encouraged to keep ya warm. Walkie Talkies for the crew might be a good idea since there is no cell service. If camping, come prepared to ya know, CAMP. Have sleeping bags, extra blankets, food, grill, chairs, easy-ups, and garbage bags. PACK IN, PACK OUT. Be smart, drink water, don't get too much sun in the day and stay warm at night. Simple as that.