Beanstalk Music & Arts Festival

Beanstalk Music & Arts Festival

Beanstalk Music & Arts Festival

Beanstalk Festival | Music, Camping, Art, Mountains and More, June 22-25 2017

2015 Lineup

The Magic Beans (3 Sets)

Colorado's space-funk, groove grass, ameritronica band plays host to the Beanstalk every year. Known for high-energy shows, infectious grooves, and inspired improv; the Beans will perform 3 big sets and probably pop up elsewhere. Fusing acoustic roots music and traditional instruments with modern technology and electric dance music, The Magic Beans are as unique as their place of origin, the Colorado Rockies.


Joe Russo's Almost Dead

Featuring some some the Northeast's finest musicians in the scene, Joe Russo's Almost Dead is a fresh approach the the musical canon of the Grateful Dead. Led by Joe Russo, who has spent the better part of the last decade touring with members of the Dead in projects like Furthur and Phil Lesh & Friends, the band focuses on bringing their unique progressive/fusion approach to the classic songbook. Also featuring Dave Drewietz (Ween), Marco Benevento on keys, Tom Hamilton (Brothers Past) on guitar, and Scott Metzger. Their approach to the Grateful Dead is upbeat, psychedelic, and fun. Incredibly nostalgic and undeniably original.


Kyle Hollingsworth Band feat. Michael Kang

The String Cheese Incident's Kyle Hollingworth and Michael Kang are no strangers to making music together. With over a thousand shows under their belts as members if SCI these guys go together like peas and carrots. Their unique blend of world, funk, pop, and rock takes it higher. Kyle Hollingsworth Band has become a show definitely not worth missing and also a place to try out new String Cheese songs and covers in the works. With Kang in the mix, we can probably expect some special set treats as well as funky valleys and rocking peaks.


Hollywood Nights

This super group consists of Aron Magner & Allen Aucoin of The Disco Biscuits, Tom Hamilton of American Babies/Brothers Past/JRAD, and Clay Parnell of Particle/Brothers Past. You may have never heard of them before…. and thats because this will be their first show ever. Much like last year's Night Moves, bringing in our favorite artists to create on-the-spot awesomeness has become a tradition for Beanstalk. Apparently so has naming them after Bob Seger songs. Expect some very danceable rock and roll, electro, funk, drums n' bass, and more from Hollywood Nights. Don't expect them to play any Bob Seger though.


Magic Brownies

Marc Brownstein from Disco Biscuits joins the party as host of Magic Brownies. The band will consist of Allen Aucoin aka "the Robot" from Disco Biscuits holding down drums, Scott Hachey of Magic Beans on guitar, and Casey Russell of Magic Beans on keys/synth.  While these four hold it down, guests will join in the fun from other acts and things will happen. Expect to hear some of Marc's originals, some unexpected surprises, and of course deep, sensual improvisation.


Iron Horse Performs Pickin On' Rock and Roll (feat. Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Modest Mouse, Black Sabbath and more)

Formed in the infamous hit recording capitol of the 60s and 70s, Muscle Shoals, Iron Horse is now well known for their "Pickin' On" series that features masterful bluegrass takes on great rock bands of yesteryear which have sold hundreds of thousands of copies. Their impressive arrangements and harmonies are something to see and hear. 


The Main Squeeze

The Main Squeeze is a raging funk experience born within the thriving live music scene in Bloomington, IN and currently residing in Chicago, IL. Since coming together in late 2009, The Squeeze have managed to establish a unique sound and identity in a short period of time. Progressive yet sensual, this funk fusion band is always in the pocket but never loses soul. Helping usher in the modern funk movement, The Main Squeeze are a band to watch. 


Juno What!?

Juno What?! is a shameless dance party based in the music mecca of Denver, CO. This four-piece powerhouse delivers a deeply satisfying mix of live electro-funk and high-energy disco booty jams. The band formed in 2008 as an outlet for Joey Porter's organic-meets-electronic dance compositions. Its all-star lineup features bass master Garret Sayers (The Motet), Tyrone Hendrix (Steve Wonder) on drums, Dan Schwindt (Kyle Hollingsworth Band) on guitar. Juno What?! audiences are treated to a band that appreciates both the classic pedigree of vintage vinyl dance cuts as well as futuristic sternum-bumping anthems.


American Babies

Since 2007, American Babies has been the mouthpiece for Philadelphia based musician Tom Hamilton. After spending the early 2000s building a national fan base fronting the electro-rock band Brothers Past a change was in order. Musically, I wanted to get back to the basics" he explains, "Get the song right, first. Then worry about the live show and how the music opens up from there." And it certainly has.  American Babies has solidified themselves with some great albums and a solid touring schedule. The live show has evolved to take these neo-classic rock songs to the next level while still pushing the genre forward composition wise.


Kitchen Dwellers

Montana's reigning galaxy-grass champions. The Kitchen Dwellers started picking in the kitchen and have moved up to some of the biggest clubs and festivals in the nation. Their upbeat, un-traditional new-grass incorporates elements of folk, funk, rock, and psychedelia.  For the bluegrass fanatic, don't worry these guys can pick the standards impressively and their chemistry is undeniable. 2nd Place at Telluride Bluegrass Festival's band competition in 2014, these guys are out making a waves in the bluegrass community. Expect to see the Kitchen Dwellers 2 different days of the festival and most likely picking in the campgrounds until 5AM


Naughty Professor

Naughty Professor is a forward thinking music endeavor pioneered by six young musicians from around the country, now anchored in New Orleans, Louisiana. Formed in 2011, the band’s mission was to embody the jazz-influenced party culture of the Big Easy in a constantly evolving, high energy funk/soul outfit. Naughty Professors’ live performances, which weave together complex compositions and loose individual improvisation, quickly commanded the attention of many notable musicians in town, including George Porter Jr., Galactic, and The Revivalists. Naughty Professor is poised to soon become the next household name associated with the echelon of New Orleans music.


The Malai Llama

The Malai Llama is an artist collective from Rollinsville, Colorado. The group has grown from a musical quartet to a burgeoning community that embraces fire dancers and artists of the visual and performance variety. Malai Llama's music blends all you know about electronica with the freeform beauty of traditional jam bands and improvisational jazz groups. The Malai Llama pushes musical boundaries by combining the real energy of instrumentation with the electronic exploration of synthesizers, and samples in dynamic song structures. People all around Colorado have been moving their feet to their grooves.


Vine Street Vibes

VSV originated in the basements and garages of Denver and has rapidly emerged into Colorado’s immersive music scene. VSV strives to create a new style of organic dance music through heavy instrumentalal space funk and creative incorporation of synthesizers and digital instruments. This is show not miss for fans live electronica music. They're soundscapes and deep grooves are undeniably infectious. 


Brothers Gow

Brothers Gow, based in San Diego, CA, by way of Flagstaff, AZ, is a funk-rock-improv quintet that relies on thoughtful lyrics, deep grooves and improvisational tact to keep each show sounding fresh and unique. The band’s energetic stage presence combined with powerful vocal harmonies, complex arrangements, ripping guitar solos and the band’s awe-inspiring lighting makes each show memorable.


Digital Beat Down

Digital Beat Down is a live electronica duo that fuses synthetic textures and organic instrumentation to create dance friendly
compositions with a prog-rock twist. The distinctive feature of Digital Beat Down is their ability to draw on the ethos of the DJ culture while still providing the intangible live band experience. The duo thrives on creating carefully crafted songs and multi-layered live looping jams that invite the listener on a psychetronic journey through the depths of dirty Drum & Bass, to smooth Deep House, to Crackin’ Breaks, or finished off by their bone penetrating brand of sub bass driven Dub-Step funk.